Self-confidence: Four Powerful Strategies to Build Confidence

By Beatrice Mokwunye

September 2008, left me with quite indelible memory. I was 10, a 6th grader, dressed in what I call ‘branded’ uniform—ground-sweeping, over-sized dress; sky-bluish in color with white-collar and a pair of white belt sewn vertically at the front of the navel, about 3 inches long.

My school, Langbasa Primary School, appointed me as her representative along with another girl—Chisom, to represent her in an inter-school debate competition hosted at Olomu-Ajah primary school.

I wasn’t comfortable with the call, but I couldn’t refuse. I was notably shy, overly reserved and almost coldblooded—I barely talk, replacing words with innocent gaze and a sheepish smile.

When we got to the venue, the sight of ‘supposed’ serious co-debaters weakened my resolve; it popped several negative thoughts and awkward feelings: “You can’t defeat these people!” “Faith, you have never done this before—you can’t do it.”


As I mounted the podium, peeing on my body was almost inevitable—‘men” you’ve got to see the tension! Not only tension, the kind fear that gripped my brain was killing. Thank God for the success afterwards. Smiles! That was my first encounter with stage-fright. But I learned loads of lessons therein.

The most significant of all is the benefit of self-confidence. From that experience along with other challenging events I’ve encountered so far, I’ve realized nothing can be achieved without Self-confidence. It is the bedrock of success in life and career of every woman. Self-belief or confidence fuels you with innate power to take up any challenge, stick to it until the finishing line. It builds your mind to live above fear, rejection, and vulnerability. When you believe strongly in you, nobody can hurt your feelings nor tamper with your emotions; with self-confidence, you can achieve anything, attain any height and, ultimately, become that rare gem the world looks up to and smile, in hope and relief.

So, how do I build self-confidence out of low esteem?

Don’t panic, I’ve got all loaded for you. These are some of the gimmicks that helped me build maximum level of confidence in myself. These strategies are guaranteed if you diligently follow through. So, how do I build my self-confidence?


This is an important recipe for building confidence. Most times, why you, probably, feel cheated and empty-headed is because you’ve not gained an in-depth knowledge of the contents imbedded inside you. So, to enjoy self-confidence, it’s time to explore the wonderland. Think of those things you’ve passionately done in the past without fore knowledge—you didn’t learn it from anywhere or anyone.

Another way to discover potentials is through exposure. Develop interest in different activities; grab every idea that pops up in your head; keep up with the trial and error game until you locate your core talent or calling, then stick to it. Potentials are penultimate confidence booster.


Words are powerful tools for creation and procreation. The world and its creatures, including you and me, are products of a word. God said let there be light and there was. Breathe the same life-giving breath upon your destiny by confessing positive words, reminding yourself who you are.

Source: embracepossibility

Brene Brown says, “speak to yourself like you would to someone you love.” Stand in front of the mirror every morning, whenever you feel discouragement or self-doubt, and when you feel lonely and empty. Force a smile and tell yourself how great and mighty you are, how elegant, gorgeous, talented, brilliant and how unique you are. And indeed, that’s whom you are–beautiful beyond descrption.

I have loads of power-words to attack negatives. So also, you should craft a thousand and one positive words to invigorate—energize—you against ill-thoughts and feelings. Positive words are super boosters; confess them daily.


Smart goal setting is another confidence booster. Set a target for yourself and walk towards it. You can set a goal in any area that matters to you—academics, family, relationship, or career, or probably a daily target, how you intend to spend your 24 hours effectively. Your goal could be short-term, targeted within a week or maximum 6 Months, or long-term like 5, 10 years beyond. Accomplishing a goal gladden the heart and strengthens resolve.



Sometimes, accumulated fat, fatigue and obesity can make you adopt a crouching posture, leaving you moody, heavy and unhappy. Shred off boredom by eating healthy balanced diets and avoiding foods that disturb. Also, make exercise part of your daily routine. Research has proven that effective exercise builds strong muscles and elegant postures, and consequently, confidence.

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Self-confidence is the bedrock of success for every woman. Therefore, to build genuine self-confidence, first, discover your potential and own it. Call yourself positive names every morning, noon and night.

Set smart goal, exercise daily and diet right. Don’t forget, words are power tools for great creation and procreation. Speak positive powerful words to yourself every morning, noon and night. The highest self-confidence emerges from names you call yourself.

It’s a pleasure having you around. So, was this article helpful, could you please drop a feedback in the comment box? Thanks for your time, smiles.


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