Influential Women in STEM: Anne-Marie Imafidon

IHave you heard of Anne Imafidon? Well, I guess you have, or probably not. Which ever it may be, check out some of these amazing facts about this former child  prodigy.

WHO IS ANNE IMAFIDON?Anne-Marie Imafidon Stemettes

Source: businessinsider

Anne-Marie Imafidon, British-born Nigerian genius, is the CEO and co-founder of Stemettes—an award winning social enterprise targeted at grooming young women and girls in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Here are amazing facts about Imafidon:

In 2001, at the age of 10, Anne-Marie made history with outstanding scores in two GCSE subjects–mathematics and information technology (IT) while in primary school. Thus, she became the youngest girl ever to pass A-level examinations.

As at 13, Imafidon  made her way into Johns Hopkins University where she studied Mathematics. On normal circumstances, a thirteen year old is either enrolling into or graduating from Junior secondary school.

She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree at 17 and moved on to Oxford University for Master’s degree program,  and before 20, Anne broke record as the youngest graduate “ever” with a Master’s degree–the youngest IT professional!


Source: Womenrock

Miss Imafidon is dabbed “UK IT Industry and British Computer Society’s youngest IT Professional of the year 2013,” Red Magazine’s “Women to Watch 2014,” and the “8th Most Influential Women in IT 2016.”

Anne-Marie Imafidon was born in 1990, in Britain, to a Nigeria father from Edo state. After a successful career in STEM, Anne took a giant stride to empower young women and girls in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by setting up Stemettes in 2010. This initiative attracted the Queens awards to the young professor.

During the “Queen’s New Year’s Honors List held December 2016, she was awarded an OBE–the Order of the British Empire. An award granted by the government of the United Kingdom and awarded, typically in person, by the current king or queen of that nation to individuals who have performed excellent work in arts, sciences, public services and charitable efforts.

This is another woman who has changed the status quo and, consequently, made history, so what’s holding you back? Well, If she can break record in STEM, a male-dominated field; a field where women were considered unproductive, weak and insignificant,  then you can.

You can be anything you desire irrespective of your gender, age, background, stature or whatever circumstances. Nobody cares about who you are and where you came from; what we are interested in is your success story, your influential power in disguise, and your ability to make a tremendous change in the world.  Look, you’ve got the guts to make a change; don’t ever limit yourself!


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