5 Harmful Effects of Cold Water on Your Body

We all relish the richness and energising effect of ice cold water, especially during hot scorching weather, and to many, a meal is incomplete without a glass of chilled water to digest.

But, studies have shown that cold water is dangerous to the body. Here are five things cold water can do to your body.

  1. Cold water clots the blood and slows down digestion.

When we take in cold any cold substance, they thicken the blood stream preventing easy flow of blood round the body, as a result the energy needed to break down the food is used in raising the temperature of the fluid to normal. This, consequently, slows down digestion. Indigestion leads to chest pain, heartburn and other related heart disorder.

  1. Cold water increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases


According to Dr John Lucia, healthy living expert, when we drink cold water, juice or any cold fluid, we create the basis for chronic heart diseases. The clotting (thickening) effect of cold water on the blood makes it difficult for the heart to function effectively.


  1. Cold water increases painful periods

The major cause of menstrual pain is the contractions and blood clotting around the muscular walls of the uterus—womb; however, consistent consumption of cold water or drink enhances these contractions making menstrual cramp more intense.


  1. Cold water Damage the Brain


As explained by Dr Tosin Akinsanya, the body works ceaselessly to increase the temperature of every cold drink we consume, and every time that happens, the brain cells undergo few seconds of seizure. The doctor indicated that continuous shocking effect on the brain is disastrous.


  1. Mount pressure on the blood vessels


It slims the openings of the blood vessels, pipe-like tissues that convey blood, preventing easy passage of the body fluid until the temperature is increased.  That is why, if you’ve noticed, sometimes, after a glass of chilled water, you feel a sharp pain around the chest region which subsides after seconds. At that point, the blood vessels are suppressed by the low temperature of the water.

Although, it might not be easy to completely block off cold drinks, but moderation is key to a healthy life. Try and skip anything chilled during and after a meal.

Stay healthy and wise…

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