5 Things to Do When Confused

Have you been in a confused state before? Where you had to choose from two or more contrasting activities, ideas, passions and what have you? For instance, you walked into a shoe mart for a pair of shoe. On getting there, “problem burst”–you fell in love with about six pairs of shoe, but you can only afford a pair.

Although this is on the peripheral, confusion can come in different phases–from not understanding a concept to not knowing what to do, where to go, which decisions to make and others.


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Confusion is an unfavourable state. It saps our physical strength,  weakens decision-making process–confusion can make us doubt our intuitions. Consequently, if not addressed, we can make the mistake of our lives in the process by making wrong choices.

So how do you get off a confused state? It’s simple: whenever you find yourself grappling with two or more choices, apply any of these 5 techniques.




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Confusion is due to the bombardment of various ideas in the mind—each claiming superiority and emergency. That is, the mind is constantly racing. The best medicine to offer the mind, at this point, is relaxation. William Burroughs says that our “mind will answer most questions if (we) learn to relax and wait for the answer.” Deep breathing is the best way to ease tension, relax the mind and keep it focused.


An anonymous author once said, “if you can’t figure out where you stand…stop standing and start walking.” If you’re lost and can’t figure out what to do at some points, permit yourself to take a break and do something else—something completely different and stress-free. By doing so, you unconsciously give your mind opportunity to settle down, analyse the options and eventually produce the right choice. You probably encounter difficulty making right decisions because the mind is dormant, so give it a break.


How long do I need to take the break?

It depends. If it’s something you need to make a decision within a day, consider 5-10 hours break. If within a week, try 3-4 days, if however, this decision is attached to long-term effect, at least, 3 months break is perfect.



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Although, no one can understand your desires and values better than you do, but two things happen when you seek suggestion from people: your tension melts away and their opinions are likely to trigger intuition and creativity making the decision easier and faster.



When confused, devastated or anxious, weigh all advantages and disadvantages of every option. If I’ve got to choose between pharmacy and petroleum engineering, I’ll gather up to 10 advantages and disadvantages of both. Then choose the one with an affordable disadvantage. It is advisable we choose based on the number of disadvantages.




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While other techniques might fail in most circumstances, trusting our inner guidance is a guarantee to making a clearly defined choice amidst every confusion.  Steve Goldier put it this way, he said, “When I’ve lost my way, or I am confused about the path to take, I remember that most answers I need, I already possess—deep inside. If I consult my invisible compass (the inner guidance), I’ll know what to do.” When lost, confused, or disorganised, ask your inner guidance, he knows it all. Your inner guidance is the Spirit of God living inside you; He’s always eager to “teach your all things”–just trust and ask.

So, when stuck or confused, do these: practice deep breathing and relax the mind; take some time off; don’t think about it and do something else. In addition, ask some friends for suggestions. Also, outline the advantages and disadvantages of all the possible outcomes and choose based on the most favourable disadvantages; finally, ask your inner guidance—the Holy spirit for direction. When lost or perplexed, lean inward and ask the Holy spirit for direction.


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