Friends or Foes? The Need to Build Long Lasting Friendship 1

By Beatrice Mokwunye


The world is incomplete without a woman. She rears children to replenish the earth, equip them morally and lead them through the paths of life. Behind every great man, she plays an invaluable role, so, without women, life is unlivable, meaningless and void. The same way, life without a friend is a hollow pathway—dried and empty. Friends are strong pillars in trying times; they’re true confidants—ones we can confide in. Friends are positive influencers, they influence the way we see ourselves. This is why true friendship is inevitable.




In 2010, MTN Project Fame West Africa season three, began audition for prospective contestants. Project Fame, for short, is a music reality show endorsed by Nigeria’s biggest telecommunication brand, MTN. The objective of the show is to train young, talented singers and performers across West African states within 10 weeks after which the winner gets awarded with a grand prize of 5 million naira, an SUV, and signs a recording contract worth millions of naira.


As the audition kicked off, Chidinma wanted to “give it a try,” but her father opposed. She was willing to go despite his objection but was financially retarded. Just when Chidinma was about to quit, her friends intervened. Through a concerted effort, they raised her transport fare to the audition, and consequently, took care of all her expenses till she made it into the academy. At the end of the season, Chidinma emerged winner of project fame west Africa season 3, breaking records as the first female winner in the reality show. She wouldn’t have made it without those supportive friends, you know?

In the darkest moment of our lives, when our hopes are gone and strengths fail, when our future seems to be tied to the hands of fate, that very moment, friends intervene. With their love and compassion, they lighten our paths, strengthen our weaknesses and lead us on till we can stand stronger.




Aristotle says, “In poverty and other misfortunes of life, friends are sure refuges.” No matter what, there will come a time we long to pour our heart to someone who’d care without divulging our secrets, someone we could share all the hurt, the guilt, the mean and unfair events of life. At this point of longing, according to studies, if we hold back and swallow back the emotions, it can choke us to death, steal our joy and conserve our life.

Friends are those confidants we seek who are always there to share our pains and secrets and, still, protect them wholeheartedly. True friends know everything about us: they can predict our strengths, weaknesses and flaws, our likes and dislikes, but in all of that, they still guard our identity with all their might even when it’s threatened.

Friends are indispensable parts of our existence—we can’t survive, succeed or stand on without them around. In difficult times, they are there—to give us the greatest support. In heart-throbbing times, they are there—to wipe away our tears and sorrows. Friends are light upon our souls. Make target to strengthen your friendship chain today–they are valuable.


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