How to Stop Overeating in 7 Strategic Ways

One of the strongest addictions of my teen, fee years back was none other but gluttony. I was not a “food lover,” yet, when I’m down, food would be the first picture that comes to mind–as an escapist–and the funniest thing is: I get down virtually every single day. When in the messed mood, whether hungry or not, a voice is always there to push me–“eat! Eat and eat! After, throw the remains of you on the bed–sleep!” I will abide, eat like a “bloody” drunk until my stomach begins to ache and my chest filled with pain to the point that I can’t even stand nor move an inch of my toes.

Gluttony or, rather, Overeating is a toxin to the mind and brain. It can make you think low, weakens the body, soul and spirit and impairs proper reasoning. Like alcohol, gluttony can make you think and act like a “fool” pending on when it releases you. It’s impact on physical health is also terrible. According to expert, overeating is one of the leading cause of obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer. Also recall: Excessive feeding is  the devil’s tool for snatching one’s destiny—think of Esau, Eve and Adam.



  1. Admit and take responsibility

The major problem we all have in common is usually to blame others or circumstances for our predicaments. The same happens with gluttony: it is easier to blame boredom, emotions or loneliness for eating excessively which is another way of saying “it’s part of me; I can’t change it.” But, to paraphrase the words of Joyce Meyer, unless you admit you’ve got a problem, and take charge of it, you can never get a solution. You must admit it’s your fault and none other. Admit and take responsibility.


One of my colleagues at the office, Stephen, said something about the words “should” and ”must.” He said that whenever we tell ourselves “I should do this,” there’s a tendency we’ll never do it, but the moment we say “I must do this!” That is when it becomes a habit. To overcome gluttony, you should get angry in your spirit and tell yourself “I must stop overfeeding. I must never again consume more than my belly can bear!” This is the only language your mind, brain and every nerve in your body understands—must. Say that affirmatively to yourself and notice a great change in your relationship with food.


I did this crazy thing when I made up my mind against gluttony. For four days, I refused to anything called food except fresh fruits and vegetables. My initial plan was seven days until my mum intervened when she saw how lean and sick I turned out. “If you want to kill yourself, it is not in this my house,” she said and forced a chunk of toast bread on me that evening. You need to see me weeping at the sight and smell of food; it was like forcing a bowl of faeces on me. After the abstinence, the bond I had with food broke tremendously. Even when emotionally down, I feel more comfortable doing something else at times.

One great thing fasting does is to subject the flesh and activate your spirit man. When the spirit in you is active, it enables you to resist temptation or urges helping you stay in control. Fasting also helps the digestive tracts opportunity to rest and repair worn out tissues for proper functioning.



The truth is this, our body does not need too much for its metabolic process; of all the quantities consumed, it utilises nothing more than two spoonfuls or two morsels, the rest are stored as fat in the adipose tissues. And, stored fat is one of the main causes of obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and other deadly diseases. So what’s the essence of feeding on junks? Instead, discipline you’re your and take a little quantity to avoid temptation.


Take your time to chew your food properly before swallowing. This will help you get tired of the meal and also, stop the moment your stomach says “okay.”Eating slowing can be tedious but you’ve got to discipline yourself and to make it easier, I prescribe reading a favourite book, meditating or any activity that involves the mind. This takes your mind off the food and its taste.


Sometimes you’ve got to trick your mind because overeating is a product of the mind. So, if you aren’t hungry but the voice keep telling “eat!” don’t say “No” else the urges will heighten and you’ll unconsciously give in. Instead, if you aren’t hungry and mind request a food, tell it “no problem I will, but give me an hour or two,” or “…when I’m through…”  It won’t take it long to forget it.


The word of God is more powerful than transmission cable. With it, you can conquer any bad habit or addiction. I love to quote what Jesus said to the devil “man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God (Mathew 4:4); And this one from apostle Paul: “food is for the stomach and the stomach for food…but God will put an end to both (1 Corinthians 6:13)” There are numerous words of God to help you conquer gluttony. Find the one that works for you and feed on it daily.


Was this helpful? Kindly drop a comment. Thanks for reading.



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