Did You Know Pressing Pimples on Your Face Can Kill?

By Beatrice Mokwunye

According to dermatologists, pressing pimples on the middle parts of the face can lead to early grave, loss of vision, brain damage or permanent paralysis.


The danger triangle of the face

Experts explain that the veins in these regions, popularly known as the ‘danger triangle,’ are directly connected to the brain. However, when pimple, zits or any other outgrowth is popped, pressed or squeezed, the bacteria in them flow directly into the brain and spread to other delicate areas. “Now, if there is an infection in this area that is not treated properly or quickly, this infection can cause thrombosis, or clot of blood, or abscess in the brain, or even meningitis,” said Dr Vishal Maden, a Salford dermatologist.


Blood vessels in these regions are also connected to the eyes. Pimple is like a bag under the skin and contains, mainly oil, bacteria and inflammation. Therefore, squeezing it pushes these toxic contents to surrounding regions like the eyes, and other delicate areas causing serious inflammation of the eyes or loss of vision. Last October, I almost died due to this particular incident. It was a cool Wednesday evening, I just returned from weekly service and noticed something like a pimple on the top side of my ear—not even anywhere nears the danger triangle. I pressed it. And, to my greatest surprise, four days later, the pimple expanded and covered my entire face and eyes. I couldn’t see for three good days. Thanks to God and the doctor’s immediate intervention, the eyes probably would have been damaged. But even up till now, I could still feel the effect in my head. In fact, pressing pimples anywhere around the face is deadly.

Did You Know Cucumber Reduces Pimples?


It can also leave you with everlasting scars on the face. According to an article published in Daily mail,  squeezing pimples causes more inflammation which eventually leaves scarring behind when the pimples finally settle. Pimples can leave but Scarring is everlasting.

Although, pimples on the face, ear or noticeable regions can be very devastating, but we must resist the temptation of pressing no matter how reddish or ripened it might appear. Remember, squeezing out pimples on the danger triangle of the face can cause loss of vision, permanent paralysis, and infection of the brain, meningitis, or even death. Instead of pressing, consult an expert preferably, a dermatologist. Popping pimples is dangerous, resist the temptation.


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