Simplest Strategies to Look more Likeable and Approachable

By Beatrice Mokwunye

Networking is almost the hardest knot for most ladies to crack. You probably might have experienced few terrible occasions in a new environment like social function, cafe, business meetings and a host of other gatherings. No one looked towards your direction nor offers even a wink, but at the same time, you realise that your friend or companion was having a great time with her “newly found” set of friends–everyone likes her. But, why?

Does it mean she’s more beautiful and attractive than you? Hell no! I used to have such mentality until I realised external beauty has nothing to do with networking communication. There’s only one secret: Every good communicator maintains a likeable and an approachable environment around them. So, the question now should be: “how can I look likeable and approachable?”Well, these simple strategies will make you approximately 85 percent more likeable and approachable–enjoy.

Smile frequently and genuinely


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Over the years, I’ve been studying faces and I must confess, of all the faces I’ve ever seen, the most beautiful, the liveliest and the most charming of all is nothing but the smiley faces. They create remarkable and resounding atmosphere everywhere they go. And, like high-voltage cables transmit streams of electrons to light up thousand and one homes, smiling attracts varieties of positive minds and beauties into one’s soul. It surrounds a person with an atmosphere of peace, love, homeliness and serenity and as Les Brown would say, smiling will give you a positive countenance that will make people feel comfortable around you.”

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As soon as you wake up every morning, smile. Before leaving the house, look into the mirror and smile. Recall memorable memories, watch lots of comedy videos and most importantly feed your mind on good things of life.

Build Confidence

Another way to look approachable is self-confidence. The ability to carry yourself with grace and vitality reflects wits, power and elegance create a fresh and stunning environment that draws positive attention to you. People who are self-confident are more relaxed in social settings and when meeting new people. Because their belief in themselves is internal and not reliant on the judgment of others, they can freely move about without fear of rejection (LivingStrong).

Feed daily on your strengths and major achievements. Walk with straight shoulder, chest out a little bit and keep the stomach in. That’s one way to boost self-confidence. To learn more about how to build self-confidence, click HERE

Walk on your posture

A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind (Morihei Ueshiba). Your ability to carry yourself with grace and vitality reflects confidence, power and elegance spirit, that’s exactly what people see and bond with you without a spoken word.

Give Meaningful Compliments

Everyone loves compliments especially when it comes genuinely from a cheerful heart. One of the famous authors, Mark Twain said something fascinating about compliments. He said, “I can live for two Months on a good compliment.” So, make it a target to compliment 5 people every day, and you observe a tremendous change in your social skill.

Greet graciously 

Greetings communicate love, acceptance and friendliness. It makes the recipient feel special and, consequently, draws positive attention to yourself.

In order to appear more outgoing and approachable, smile all the time; work on your posture and develop self-confidence, give compliments and practice the act of greeting.

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