5 Things to do When Depression Wrecks You Down

Do you know that depression only hit you when something great is coming your way? It may sound like a make-believe, but it’s the truth. Cast your mind back to the last [depressive] episode. What did you gain? Weakness, pain, bruises, loneliness and emptiness, sickness and lost—lost of love, intimacy and companionship, isn’t it? You even lost memory to restlessness, forgetfulness, negative thoughts and suicidal attempts. Now tell me, what meaningful thing did you achieve at the end of the episode? You can’t figure out, right?

Now, on the other hand, have you ever asked yourself why great people achieve greater things in the darkest moments of their lives? Simple, they understand this truth and so fought hard to win the battle over depression. Think of great women like Opera Winfrey, Oke Maduewesi, among others. These women found life and true worth in the face of depression because they fought hard to overcome. That’s exactly what you should do: grab your finest sword and pin the depressive demon down, to see and possess that which is coming your way. Of course, the question now is what are those swords to fight depression?

Never hold back tears

Crying when depressed doesn’t make you weak; it’s only a courageous sign that you are winning. Tears return your inner power, flush the physical and minds eyes so you can see clearly the light of a new dawn. Crying is like a mighty rushing stream, it washes away the burden of guilt, heaviness and pains.

Embrace God

Please push aside Christianity or any form of dogmatic beliefs here. I’m not saying you should become a “church goer” or “prayer warrior” or any of those religious rituals. What I’m saying is open up your heart to God alone. The best companion you can ever have in the darkest moments of your life is God. He alone has the power to distill oppressive forces like depression. He’ll take away the heaviness, drain your tears and pains, and in return, He opens your mind eyes to see how great and powerful you are through Christ Jesus. Believe me, this isn’t one of those dogmatic beliefs; it’s the true nature of God. One of my darkest days and probably the last was in July-August and October 2016.  I would have been death by now. The pains and heaviness were too much to bare, had to dangle between one suicidal thought to another. I’m stronger, perfectly healed and in control of me today because of Him. God was my only companion. I found myself opening up to Him—something I’m never used to. And, every time I pour out to Him, I always feel a sense of freedom and power. When depressed, just lean on God.

Feed vigorously on the good things about you

The power to tear down walls, pull off stumbling blocks of life lies in your ability to feed continually on your strengths. These are the great and marvellous things about you, your wits, grits and knowledge as well as those little, little past achievements. Feed continually on them, not on the oppressive demon. It’s not easy, I must admit, but as the scripture made us know that the kingdom of God suffereth violence, but violence taketh it by force. Likewise, you must take your freedom from depression by force! Sometimes, you need to seal your two ears and tell those negative voices “shut up!” “I need some space!”

Go out and socialise

Also remember the beautiful agenda of depression: to keep you away from humans, but you mustn’t give it such freedom. Drag your butts off and mingle with positive minds. Even the scripture tells us that “a merry heart does good like a medicine, but a (depressed spirit) dries up the bone”—Proverb 17:22.  Researchers over the years have found the healing power of social networks in overcoming depression, stress and anxiety. A recent study published in the journal of the scientific report shows that individuals with a larger network of friends are better able to manage pains, stress and other forms of mental disorder. Take your freedom by force; push your legs out there and socialise and if you don’t have positive, caring friends, make new ones.

Exercise plays a great role

Exercise increases the activities of happiness hormones—serotonin, dopamine among others. To achieve this, engage in activities that force you to move parts of your limbs, joints and muscles. Simply put, do something that gets you sweating. Another strategy is doing what you love. It could be dancing, jogging,


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