4 Reasons You Should Rejoice and Celebrate Life

By Beatrice Mokwunye

Have you got to the point in your life when you have to ask “why should I be happy?” “What should be happy for?” Or “What is happiness going to change in my life?

Happiness extends your lifespan

In a 2007 study to determine the link between happiness and health, researchers followed 6,000 volunteers, male and female between age 25 and 74 for 20 years through well-administered questionnaires. The result, however, found that emotional vitality which includes a sense of enthusiasm, hopefulness, and the ability to face life’s stress with emotional balance appears to reduce coronary heart disease as well as other endemic diseases. Not only that, happiness supplements medicine in providing immediate healings. Even the scripture reckons this when it says in Proverb 17 that a cheerful heart does better than medicine. Simply put, happiness nullifies the buildup of life-hacking diseases extending the lifespan. Be happy and gladsome.

 Happiness boosts productivity. 

Happy people gets more work done, says Thai Nguyen, in his post at Enptrepreneur.com. Happiness triggers tonnes of neurotransmitters—serotonin, dopamine, endorphin and oxytocin. The presence of these hormones triggers the cognitive brain cells for a higher performance. In other words, low productivity, self-doubt and blame, laziness and fear cannot thrive in the presence of these happiness hormones. Be happy and gladsome.

 Happiness attracts goodness

 Two friends were stuck up on the highway—their vehicle broke down unexpectedly, and the only alternative at that moment was to board a taxi back home. From 5:00 pm down to 6:30 pm, these guys waved and waved cabs after cabs, including private vehicles to no avail. Nobody seems to willing to offer them a ride. Suddenly, it dropped, one of the duos suggested, “Why don’t we keep smiling…” It sounded stupid and eerie to the other who was more frustrated than hell at that moment. He sluggishly agreed and they burst into laughter. Just like a magic, a black highlander truck pulled by “are you going my way,” the driver asked with a broad smile on his face. We live the world of “like attracts like.” That is, our universe is surrounded by beauty and positivity and. The great and fabulous things of life recognise only the merry hearts, not a stuffy, gloomy soul. Simply put, good things happen to the stable and joyful hearts alone. Be happy and gladsome.

 You are special

Even if you’ve got to that point where you don’t “give a damn” anymore about life and your health or whatever life has to offer, be happy always because you are special. No one can do things the way you would. Nobody can speak the way you speak; none can sing the way you do; nor walk exactly the way you walk. I say nobody can think faster and better than you. You’ve got no rival, dear friend; you’re the best thing that can happen to the world. Your worth surpasses that of gold, much more than the priciest pearl because you are special in the eyes of the Almighty God, and for that, the world remains nude and void without you. Be happy and gladsome.

No matter how bad the day goes, reject broken heart, choose to stay happy always. Remember, the world attracts only the positive minds, so rejoice.


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