Prediabetes: causes and prevention of prediabetes

According to World Health Organization (WHO) published its annual Global Report on Diabetes, an estimated number of “422 million adults (or 8.5% of the population) had diabetes in 2014, compared with 108 million (4.7%) in 1980.” The report also indicated that diabetes is expected to become the seventh fastest killer disease by 2030. Everyone is at risk.

Diabetes is a non-communicable disease caused by excess sugar in the blood stream which is a result of the body’s inability to produce, or adequately utilise, insulin—a chemical substance that controls blood glucose (sugar) level in the body.



Prior to diabetes is an asymptomatic state known as prediabetes. As the name entails, People diagnosed with prediabetes have high blood sugar level but not to the point of diabetes. This state simply indicates that the patient is susceptible to suffering diabetes within the next ten years if proper medical care is not taken.


Factors associated with prediabetes and diabetes are diabetes (excess fat), overweight, family history, hypertension, polycystic ovarian syndrome, lack of exercise, excessive consumption of deep fried foods, processed and canned meals.



The best form of remedy is prevention. Therefore, save your life today and that of your family by making a huge change in lifestyle. According to Webmed, at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise every day lowers the risk of prediabetes. Also, there’s a need for a cut in diet plan: reduce the amount of deep fried meals., if possible, resist the temptation of frying your meals. Frying increases the amount of cholesterol in your system, and remember that, the higher the cholesterol level, the closer you are to the world of diabetes. I bet you don’t want that. In addition, the Joslin Diabetes Center also, recommends that you cut back the amount of butter used in cooking, eat more boiled foods, more fruits and vegetables and eat more fish and chicken with less meat or beef.

Do you envision a happy life with no stress and pain? Then, it’s time to join the fight against diabetes and prediabetes. So, get yourself diagnosed today and remember, the best form of remedy is prevention. Exercise 30 minutes daily, control your weight and limit the amount of calorie in your meals. Say no to diabetes, yes to health.




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