3 Surprising Attitudes that overcomes Depression

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Have you been receiving series of spam messages, recently? If yes, then your system or account might be under the hand of hackers. Hackers are some group of unauthorised computer users who violate the online privacy of other users. They would break into accounts, hijack usernames and passport, giving them the opportunity to steal vital information for illicit transactions that could even jeopardise the user’s online presence. That is, hackers can hack your bank account, email, and all websites by breaking in and stealing information without your consent. Hackers are online wolves in sheep clothing, and every internet user is susceptible to their vicious attack. Likewise, depression is a life hacker. It breaks into your life when you least expect it, hijacks your mood and steals your joy away.

What really cause depression? Researchers have not been able to pinpoint the exact cause of depression, but it is believed to result from series of changes in brain structure and other related factors. However, as often as said, avoiding depression is far better than falling into its vicious hook.

So, how can I keep myself from depression, you may ask.

Well, medical folks are used to telling us long-held principles like, spend exercise every day, make meditation a daily routine, consume enough quantity of high protein for breakfast; avoid trans fat, eat fruits and vegetables, avoid deep fried foods, don’t eat too much of processed food, eat fish; don’t eat beef, among many others. These are significantly great therapies but can sometimes be a little daunting and restrictive. You, probably, have been thinking I would line these principles as the best way to avoid depression, but guess what, I’ve got something more than diet and fitness. As someone who has been through various phases of depression, I’ll simply say this:

Make happiness your utmost. Do everything within your reach to be happy. I tell you, depression can never thrive in a merry heart because happiness is the light; depression is the darkness–that is why you can’t see life when you’re under its stronghold. Remember the scripture says about the duos: in the presence of light, darkness diminishes. Happiness lightens up your spirit, your soul, and your physique. In its presence, you can do exploit, tear down every wall and emerge stronger to lead the fulfilling life ever craved for. Only you can locate the source of your happiness; work it out and live up to it. Be happy.


Credit: Christianharvestintl.com

Make God your priority. I mentioned this earlier in one of my previous posts: when we talk of moving closer to God, we are not talking about Christianity or Judaism or Islam—God is not a religious person. Religion is only a means of understanding the supremacy of His power. Back to the context, sincerely, dear friend, find God and cling unto Him; never let God. My father in faith, Pastor Lucky Eboh says that “the blueprint (destiny) of a man is in the hands of God,” He knows you more than you do. God sees all you go through—the pains you bare, the rejections, the battle for face and all the mean and hurtful treats that life brings. Since the day I said ‘God, I don’t want to leave you anymore, take my life and do to me as you please,” that was the very day I received victory from heaviness. If you can move close to Him and tell Him “Lord, I give my all to you. Take me as I am,” depression will never know your doorpost ever again. Nothing else should matter to you but God.

Find peace and live with it. Most often, depression comes as a result of long-held pains and grudges. Although we might not have caused it, hostility and unjust attitudes of others did. I quite understand, but nevertheless, we must not allow negative people, events, and situations take the place of peace in our life. Follow what the scripture says: be at peace with all men and avoid anything that breeds stress and struggle, guilt and pain.

By Beatrice Mokwunye



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