The Human Personality Traits: Check to See Who You Are.

In his 1920, a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Carl Jung, propounded the concept of introversion and extroversion–the two basic personality traits of man.


What is personality trait?

Personality traits are simply the distinct qualities individual. It determines the way people behave in different circumstances as well as their relationship with others. Following Carl’s theory, each individual is either an introvert or extrovert.

Introverts are often regarded as the ‘cold water’ or the ‘low energy’ type of individuals. They are often quiet, reflective and focused.

They tend to withdraw from stimulating activities and people because introverts gain mentally and emotionally pumped up by staying alone.




Introverts are naturally shy, low esteemed and resentful, depending on their environment. But, all things being equal, introverts are more confident, matured and articulate. They are very much retentive. An introvert can remember events far back as 20-years. That is why, for these personalities, letting go of hurts is often the hardest nut to crack.

They can be very secretive as well. Introverts keep things to themselves a lot, probably for fear of disclosure, condemnation and criticism; they can only open up to a very few trusted individuals.

Introverted individuals concentrate a bulk of their thoughts on the inner world. In order words, they’re engrossed in their own emotions, thoughts and general view about life. As a result, introverts are the most sensitive people on earth.

The extroverted

Extroverts, on the other hand, are the direct opposite of the former. They have a positive outlook about live–always lively, frantic and extremely engrossed in social activities. Unlike the introverts, extroverts cannot afford to stay alone else they get crashed down. Their interest lies wholly in the outside world that a little or no attention is given to their personal thoughts and feelings; as a result, extroverts make decisions without thinking.

Due to their jovial nature, extroverts also make lots of friends even though 90 percent are mere acquaintances.

Extroverts are easily carried away–they can never settle down and get a job done. This is unlike the introverts who can spend a day on a particular job until it’s well-done. Pleasure, luxury and fun are the core of the extroverts.


Extroverts are jovial, energetic and outgoing while introverts are reserved, quiet and reflective.

Extroverts talk more; introverts listen more.

Introverts are more attentive, less forgetful while the extroverts are easily distracted and overly forgetful.

While the introverts hold on to negative and past hurts for a long time, extroverts might not even remember she was wounded, a few seconds ago.

Extroverts are attention seekers and lovers of compliments, but to the introverts, compliment means nothing.

We shall talk extensively on each of these traits subsequently. Keep in touch.

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By Beatrice Mokwunye


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