Women in The Ray: Audrey Joe-Ezigbo

Audrey Joe-Ezigbo is the Executive director and co-founder of Falcon corporation, an indigenous oil and gas sector which holds a diverse portfolio of prime investments in Oil and Gas, Energy and Infrastructure, Real Estate and Construction.


Credit: Toyosi.ng

About Audrey Joe-Ezigbo

Mrs Audrey is a serial entrepreneur with a sense of passion for building strong entrepreneurial, leadership and personal development in women. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from the University of Nigeria, Nsuka (UNN), Master’s degrees and executive certifications in the areas of Finance, Marketing, Business Administration, and Leadership from Lagos Business School, Harvard Business School among other prestigious institutions.

At 14, inspired by the movie “Woman of Substance,” Falcon was birthed. She dreamt and nurtured those dreams until she met her husband, Joseph Ezigbo, in the University.

In June 1994, she co-founded Falcons Corporation Limited with her husband with few sets of old chairs and tables and a manual typewriter.

Then, they would squat with a friend in his small apartment. “We will hang out till night, leave the apartment early morning,” she said at this year’s International women conference, at Lagos Business School, Ajah.  They’d approach different companies for a contract, in one jacket and one suit, for her husband. No bank was ready to offer them a loan at that time, but in spite of that, they pushed on. They did all manner of jobs until a single breakthrough from oil and gas. Today,  Falcon is one of the top oil and gas firms in Nigeria with over 53 staff.

Lesson from Audrey Ezigbo

  1. Dream big and work towards that dream.
  1. Fall in love only with your dreams; remain in love those dreams until they are actualized. Every other form of “in-love” is a distraction and potential dream-killer.

Audrey: “In the name of love, I realised I was giving up on the dream I’ve held for many years. I had to tell my husband [then, his boyfriend] look, I want to do business. And that’s how we started.”

  1. Every difficulty is a stepping stone to a greater opportunity.
  2. If you don’t know exactly where to start, start anywhere but let God and your dream drive you. You’ll eventually get there.

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