Scholarship Opportunity: Nwag Plans to Award N50,000 Scholarship to Female Undergraduates in Nigeria

The Nigeria women association of Georgia (NWAG) plans to award 37 one-time scholarships–one for each state including the federal capital territory–in an equivalent amount of $200.00 each (which is 50,000 naira) to female undergraduates in Nigeria.


Participant must be a female Nigerian student studying in any tertiary institution in Nigeria.


  • Proof of state of origin–letter of origination from the University or a letter from your local government office.
  • Two letter of recommendation from any two of the following: Church pastor/ mosque Imam, Village head, local government chairperson or one of your lecturers.
  • One letter of recommendation from either the Dean of your faculty or your Head of Department.
  • Photocopy of your current University student identification card.
  • One current photograph of yourself.
  • An explanation of why you need and should be given the scholarship (not more than a one-half typed page).
  • A two-page essay on the topic:

“Women are marginalised in leadership positions in Nigeria. Position yourself as a woman activist and propose how you can advocate for women rights in government positions. Challenge early/child marriage and gender discrimination.”

Note: Essay must be typewritten and double-spaced.

Deadline: May 31st


Click here to fill the application form.


Completed applications may be submitted to NWAG either by regular mail to:


P.O Box 14542

Atlanta, GA 30324, US.

OR, electronically via email at

Subject line of email

Your name and state of origin.

Note: Submissions should be in pdf or word format.




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