When You Choose to Hate Yourself…

You can’t afford to hate who you are—just because nobody likes nor cares about you. If you separate from yourself, where else will you find pleasure, comfort and total serenity? You can never run away from who you are because every morning you wake up, look in the mirror, it’s the same you, you’ll see—everyday. You can’t afford to stigmatize yourself just because some individuals label or call you names, just because some people do not want you around them. Whether they love you or not, it doesn’t change a glimpse of you. Remember this: Those who despise you are the weeds of your world: Their presence in your life is poisonous—you don’t need them. You can’t afford to compare yourself with others. Your glory differs, your talent varies and your abilities unique—nobody else in the world is like you: nobody can talk the way you talk; no one can walk the exact same way you walk not even the way you write, dance, sing, hear this: nobody can think they way you think! What a miraculous being you are! People can resemble you, yet nobody can be like you.  So why on earth would you think of comparing yourself to anyone? A simple truth is this: when you compare yourself with others, you gradually and unconsciously lose the power to harness that greatness in you. If you want to be great in life, stop comparing; begin to love and appreciate who you are.

To tap into the rich resources of ourselves we must first learn to be the true friend of ourselves, love and cherish yourself like never before, trust your own judgment, believe in yourself and every day, tell yourself those sweet words you wish someone will ever say to you. When we begin to love ourselves, nature hears and begins to unravel the thousand and one potential enrooted deep inside our souls—bit by bit. That’s how we’ll find peace and fulfilment in our world.

I hated myself more than anything. I constantly felt ‘I’m not good enough; others are better off’ When rejected, bullied or mistreated by superiors, I blame it all on my inadequacy and “stupidity.” I was made to believe that I’m a “stupid idiot” and I believed. And, so I concluded, “there’s this stupid me in me I had to deal with; if I don’t go hard on her, nobody will appreciate me.” But the dark side was this: in the bid of dealing with the so-called stupidity, I ended up hating myself more and more. The best achievement I had eventually was nothing but downcast spirit.

Experience has thought me this: you cannot achieve anything worthwhile without self-love. The ability to value who you are increases the capability to realize your purpose and greatness in life. “Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time, until you value your time, you will not do anything with it [Scott Peck]” In other words, you cannot succeed if you’re in disharmony with self. Here’s the thread:

If you can’t love who you are, you can’t love others. If you can’t love others, you can’t build a healthy, lasting relationship. Without a healthy relationship, success is minimized. So, the best form of success in life is that achieved when all hands work together with a single heart towards a common goal: There are things you’d not accomplish in life if you lack supportive team. But how would you build that supportive team without your own consent? Love first, the spirit within you, and you’ll do exploit. Self-love is the bedrock of success in life.

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