7 Amazing Exercises to Keep away Moodiness and Depression

Moodiness is a link to a dose of depressive episode, if not tackled on time. Moodiness can develop anytime of the day but most commonly, in the busy hours of the morning. That is when you wake up feeling weak, grungy, sad and hopeless. You don’t feel like doing anything order than going back to sleep.


Experience and studies have shown danger within this zone–if you continue feeling this way for long, you might get depressed sooner or later. Apart from getting depressed, these moods can render your entire day useless which in turn affects your health, happiness and everything that makes you feel good.


Considering this, I thought it necessary to present to you top exercises or rather, activities that would enable you break the chain of low negative mood and eventually spice up your day.

Below are the top ten exercises, in no specific order:


Music, Message or comedy


When you wake up feeling weak, grumpy or unsettled, it has a tendency of ruining your activities, but you can’t allow it. A single dose of good music or a motivational message may be all you need to get up and begin your day. Tuning in to that favorite music or inspirational message triggers your brain and nerves to swim into action.


Listening to comedy is another way to kick-start your day. Comedy triggers the brain to release serotonin and hosts of other feel-good hormones which forces you to laugh and remain Happy and motivated throughout the day. Probably you have an early morning class, an early work schedule to catch or something so important that you have to leave the house so early, you can still do it. While on the vehicle put on your earpiece or headset and listen to a music, message or comedy to calm your nerves and raise your mood.


Self Affirmations


Another way to kick-start the day strong is via affirmation. Over the years, I’ve come to realize the power in self affirmations. I mean, looking into the brightness of the morning sun or into the reflection of the glittering mirror and rendering beautiful eulogy to oneself boosts self-confidence and increases the strength to face the day. Sometimes, all I just do is, look into the mirror and tell myself how powerful, endowed, gorgeous and unique I am. It’s an automatic trick to positive self-esteem and with positive esteem, Depression is less likely to invade.


Exercise and Sleep


Studies have shown that people who sleep less at night have a higher chances of getting depressed, at least once in their lifetime. Ensuring a maximum hours of sleep at night is anyway to help your mind and body wake up stronger and healthier.



Exercise is also a great way to increase neurotransmitter level in the brain circuitry which in turn stabilizes the mood.


Daily To-do list


One of the reasons you may feel reluctant getting out of bed in the morning is because your mind is still asleep, and the mind is asleep because you have not given it anything to do. It’s therefore, advisable to write down and tell your mind, before you sleep what to do the following day. It’s like this: don’t sleep without telling your mind what to do the following day.



Fruits, Vegetables and water



Natural fruits and water are my major mood boosters. Sometimes, it only take me a glass of water and few bites of Apple to regain my mood and agility. You can try this as well, it might help you too.

Author: Beatrice Mokwunye






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