Amazing Gain of Self-love

Guest Post

I have always hated how my look. I felt I was ugly, so i didn’t even bother taking care of myself. To me, “what’s the point anyway?” Nothing would change—it will be like pouring water into a basket: waste.



But then something struck me along the way. I noticed that even the girls I use to think are gorgeous, more beautiful and way out of my league there was something unusual about them—every time they dress up, they’d never cease to ask “how do I look? I look pretty right?” those words struck me—that means to them, the world revolves around them, to them they are queens that o simply meant they were so in love with themselves that they were proud to present themselves that’s why others could carry them with so much pride because they first of all carried themselves with that pride and then I realized I had been doing myself great injustice I didn’t even love my self how do I expect others to love me?



Self love is like a star when it shines, it draws others to itself, so when I didn’t love myself, I didn’t take care of myself. I felt I was a lost cause that was the way others addressed me.
The consequence of my action it was my endless search for love; I couldn’t receive the love I failed to give myself.



I started being deliberate in taking care of myself, looking good and saying beautiful things to myself, “I am beautiful. I am lovely; no one can love me more than myself just as no one can love me if I don’t love myself”


The amazing thing happened when I started getting comments that “you are beautiful! Wow you look stunning.”

Then I made it a habit to kept telling myself how beautiful she looks.

When you love yourself, you automatically, become your own source of happiness and your own love will radiate and make other s happy. Just like the sun, if it doesn’t shine, no one would feel its light and heat. Same way, If you don’t love yourself, no one would think you are worth loving nor capable of being loved.



If you want to be valued, give value to yourself because in the final analysis its all about you; you are the owner of your life and you deserve to be loved and be happy which is why you must love yourself first.



Most times we get depressed because we feel inferior when compared to others which means, we consider ourselves low even before others think so, it’s like conceding defeat even before the war has started but, self love makes you value yourself, everything about you fascinates you.



If you have this feeling you wont compare yourself to others. The peacock knows she’s beautiful and that is why it spreads its feathers wide to flaunt its beautiful colours.


You would no doubt be happier because there is this feeling of satisfaction, that comes from being content and being at peace with yourself because in the final analysis it’s how you view yourself that you will carry yourself and that’s how people will see you.



But self love makes you feel that you are a gem, makes you carry yourself like that gem and makes others value you like that gem.

Thanks a lot for stopping by; so great to have you. Please tell us how you feel about this post in the comment section. winks!


Post by: Alasa Blessing; Edited by Beatrice Mokwunye.


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