The True Meaning of Valentine



I had always hated valentine
From the flowers, My God why don’t they let the poor roses rest in peace to the cakes
Why was valentine so important that I had to cut a cake
I dunno what really annoyed me but it was not the concept of love
I am not a hater, and the colour red does not remind me of the death of my love life
But i just felt that red love was a surface love, it wasn’t that deep

You showed love to the person you have been in love with everyday before the fourteenth
What about that child or that person who wont feel love even on the fourteenth
I could easily had drowned in my sorrows, swam in tears because there was no one to take me out, no one was in love with me, so I could just have buried myself in pain, because I was single

But then I had love. It was in my heart, even if no one was in love with me, the greatest love you can ever give is loving those who have never been loved, its the most beautiful thing seeing someone’s face light up because of the love you are giving
I chose to go on outreaches, to give my love to those who don’t have any expecting nothing from them, after all valentine sacrificed for love, we would do the day no justice if we just see it as a day of couple love, what of those who don’t know the meaning of love, who are dying to be loved, those are the people i believe should be valentine itself, those children who despite having no one to love them struggle to live, those who despite their disabilities do not look down on the world who despised them, those who despite having nothing still share that nothing with others, those are the people who should be the symbol of valentine
Because true love cannot be shown by beauty of flowers, neither by the sweetness of cakes or by the splendor of words but true love is like a star which radiates from within and goes on to brighten up the sky, love is like a spring which offers water to anyone that comes its way, without requesting any one of them to give back, its like the sun which shines on you and even if you curse it just never stop smiling, so also love the more you give it out the more it kept overflowing
It was such a beautiful feeling because it made the person giving happy and those receiving happy, then i understood the concept of valentine it was that love that enabled you to give joy, happiness, to give your all to making others happy, and by so doing that you felt such happiness you never imagined you would feel again
It was really amazing and now I love valentine, because though I am single physically, I have the kind of love that is not single, I have that love like a river keeps overflowing, and I have that love that makes me keep glowing
Which is why I always call valentine a rededication of pure love, that love that comes straight from the heart and flows to all humanity, a celebration of selfless love, that I have grown to love.


By: Blessing Alasa

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